About Kyung Soon Park

In work that is both calming and searching, Kyung Soon Park portrays idealized figures in various abstract landscapes to explore concepts of memory, identity and emotions in a surreal setting. Park demonstrates her fondness of nature in her work and invites viewers to share her colourful appreciations of the peace she finds there.


April 2023 Plural Contemporary Art Fair, Montreal, Canada

Jan 2023 "Night / Visionary" Tyger Tyger Gallery, US

Oct 2022 Art Toronto

April 2022 Artist Project, Toronto

Mar 2022 Dianna Witte Gallery "Introducing Kyung Soon Park", Toronto

Aug 2021 Ninth Edition Online Exhibition, Toronto

February 2020 Artist Project, Toronto

July 2020 Toronto Outdoor Art Festival


Sheridan ITAL  Bachelor of Applied Art

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